Vodacom USSD Code List

Vodacom USSD List
Vodacom USSD List
My Vodacom USSD services menu Vodacom *111# this menu includes popular services
Balance Enquiry Vodacom *100# your balance is displayed on handset (Prepaid Only)
Airtime recharge Vodacom *100*01*Recharge PIN# Account top up with voucher value (Prepaid Only)
Time Window Enquiry Vodacom *100*02# Time Window Expiry date displayed on handset (Prepaid Only)
Vodata Service Setup Vodacom *141*777# Vodata Service Setup menu will be installed or removed (Contract & Prepaid)
Please CallMe Service Vodacom *140*MSISDN# Sending a text message which includes the sender’s number to another cell phone number requesting the receiver to call the sender (Contract & Prepaid)
Please Recharge Me Vodacom *140*02*MSISDN# Request airtime from your phone to any Vodacom customer
Airtime transfer Vodacom *102*02*airtime value*MSISDN# Send airtime from your cellphone to any other Vodacom Prepaid phone
Vodacom Paypoint Vodacom *120*1234# Enables Vodacom merchants to accept credit card payments using a mobile phone without requiring a fixed line point of sale termina