Telkom LTE/LTE-A Prepaid Bundles

Telkom LTE prepaid data plan which is provided as a fixed SmartBroadband Wireless service for use in a fixed location to connect and surf the internet. Subscription to SmartBroadband Wireless prepaid data plan is subject to the availability of Telkom’s LTE network coverage. The LTE/LTE-A Once-Off pre-paid bundles on offer are: LTE/LTE-A Once Off Bundles Sizes Data Allocation Price 5GB anytime and 5GB Night Surfer R99 10GB anytime and 10GB Night Surfer R149 20GB anytime and 20GB Night Surfer R249 40GB anytime and 40GB Night Surfer R359 60GB anytime and 60GB Night Surfer R459 80GB anytime and 80GB Night Surfer R559 120GB anytime and 120GB Night Surfer R759 220GB anytime and 220GB Night Surfer R1059