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Mobilechoice by Real People Cellular have a range of exciting mobile  contracts on  Vodacom, MTN and Cell C networks with top of the range  mobile devices which include iPhones, Blackberry, Samsung and Nokia handsets. These are available on a range of airtime value and data contracts over a period of 24 months. Real People Cellular can either be on postpaid or Top Up Cellphone Contracts.

Real People Top Up Contract

This offers the best of both worlds in both a “contract” and a prepaid package. When your allocated airtime is finished, you can use normal prepaid vouchers to top up.Airtime for MTN and Vodacom can be accumulated for a maximum of 5 months. After these 5 months you will lose the oldest month’s airtime at the beginning of the 6th month. Airtime will accumulate for 3 years provided that the SIM card remains active on the network.

Mobilechoice provides the opportunity to customers, which did not qualify for contracts via the traditional service providers. We provide our customers with access to a selection of the latest mobile devices over a contract period. We package devices and contracts that enable our customers to choose their handsets to suit their lifestyle and keep up with technological trends.

Get a cellphone contract even if you are blacklisted or have bad credit with Real People Cellular – Mobilechoice

Real People Cellular – Mobilechoice

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