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Express Telecoms is an exclusive MTN dealer offering all MTN deals. Both voice and data solutions are offered to consumers and businesses on behalf of MTN South Africa. We have access to all MTN specials, including MTN phone specials, MTN laptop specials, MTN tablet specials and MTN data specials.

The company has extensive experience servicing customers through our call centre operations, with well trained and competent staff providing a comprehensive sales and marketing offering on all MTN deals. It has a dynamic atmosphere with a large, multi-cultural workforce that undergoes extensive internal and external training on all MTN specials.

Express Telecoms provides an end to end solution and aims to ensure that its customers are provided with an innovative customer centric experience that focuses on the customers’ individual needs at the same time making the process for the customer effortless.

Now there’s no need to queue in store for any Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry or HP MTN deals. Simply contact us via our world class web site or we’ll call you to manage all your requirements. No more paper work, it’s all done electronically now with ease.

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