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babereki Mobile
babereki Mobile

Babereki Mobile provides competitive airtime, cellular phones and package deals to suit both your employees’ pocket and their needs.

  • Cellular phones
  • Package deals
  • Airtime


Theyhelp keep your employees chatting with reputable and affordable brands on cell phones, such as Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Alcatel and many more. Your employees have the flexibility to choose a package that suits their pocket.

Top-up airtime can be done anywhere and at anytime, with easy access to airtime via an sms from your cellular phone, employees can top-up immediately with how much they can afford without having a contract in place.  These payments can be deducted directly from the employee’s salary.  All family members can be linked to one account, making it safe for all as their airtime can be purchased via their cell phone anytime anywhere.